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Unearth ideal crypto exchange software solutions to take your business

Infinite Block Tech with ample experience and knowledge in the field, will offer the most ideal crypto exchange software solutions that will uplift your business over your existing competitors and take it to the next level. The software provides a safe, secure and user-friendly medium for traders to conduct seamless transactions, integrated with top trending features and security mechanisms, and provides the flexibility for customers to alter, add or remove any elements to keep up with the latest technological advancements.
Unique Features That Make Our Cryptocurrency Exchange software
  • Leverage or Margin Trading

  • Derivatives Trading (Futures Contract)

  • Derivatives Trading (Perpetual Contracts)

  • Copy Trading

  • Spot Trading

  • Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading
Top-notch Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Features
  1. Smart Contract Trading

  2. KYC and AML

  3. Multicurrency Wallet

  4. API & SDK Integration

  5. Payment Gateway Integration

  6. Cost-Effective Trading

  7. Mobile Trading Application

  8. Matching Engine

  9. Crypto Liquidity

  10. Pending transactions handling and much more.