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Understand the financial aspect of a White label crypto exchange

Digital currencies have taken over the financial landscape by vesting strong control and offering great opportunities for investors. White label crypto exchanges have capitalized on the boom by offering a great value proposition and better efficiency.

Let us know the various sources of revenue for a  White label crypto exchange. 
  • Deposit and Withdrawal charges - Users incur a specific amount of fees every time they deposit or withdraw cryptocurrency from the exchange. It varies from one platform to another. 
  • Trading Commission -  Each trader has levied a trading fee for each successful transaction. The charges can range from 1 to 3% depending on the volume and type of platform being used. It is one the easiest ways to make money by starting an exchange 
  • Launching own crypto token on the exchange -  The best example for this would be Binance which gives huge discounts and incentives to traders if they utilize the customized BNB coin. This boosts both the trading volume and also created additional revenue for the firm.
  • Listing fees -  Project owners launch their offerings on customized platforms to attract a higher user base. This enables an increased inflow of investments to the project and income for exchange owners through listing charges. The fees vary according to the size of the exchange. Small exchanges can charge around 5-10 BTC per listing, and medium-sized exchanges can levy around 10-50 BTC per listing. 
  • Consultancy charges - Exchange owners can provide expert advice to investors on the kind of cryptocurrencies to invest and whether to opt for a short position or a long position. Trading bots can be set up to automatically execute trading activities. 
 These are the core ways by which White label crypto exchanges mint money. For availing profitable and affordable solutions for your business, get in touch with the accomplished developer team of the Blockchain App Factory.