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US-based VIPGo Develops Worldwide Booking System for Autos, Yachts and Private Jets

October 1, 2020. Singapore-based VIPGo International Pte. Ltd. is pleased to announce its wholly-owned US-based subsidiary VIPTravel, has started the design, development of the world’s first booking/reservation system for all three (3) modes of luxury transportation: autos, boats/yachts and private jets.

The booking/reservation system will allow worldwide limousine/luxury car owners, yacht owners/operators and private jet operators to sign up directly with VIPGo to become a Premier Partner. VIPGo will then send clients requests as they come in to appropriate city/regional Partner to submit the best bid for the trip. Once client selected the winning bidder, VIPGo will bill the client on its behalf and escrow the payment until trip is completed and satisfied by the customer. Until then VIPGo will release payment to operator subtracting our finder’s fee as agreed upon.

Currently VIPGo is the first luxury booking/reservation system in SE Asia with expansion plan for North America including USA, Canada and Mexico and selected cities in Europe. VIPGo offers a touch of class in luxury transportation as it’s only offering luxury automobiles, limousines along with leisure boats/yachts and private jets.

VIPGo International Pte. Ltd.
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SOURCE: VIPGo International Pte. Ltd.