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US Dollar Accounts for Over 77% Of All Fiat to Bitcoin Trading

According to coinhill’s statistics today as of 00:47 (UTC), the US dollar is the most traded national currency for bitcoin. Almost 77.49% of bitcoin transactions and trading performed using the US dollar, which makes the US dollar the most dominating currency for crypto to fiat trading, which almost covers all the major trade of global fiat-to-BTC.

There are many currencies used in the transaction, and trading of bitcoin major fiat currencies and their market share are listed below:

US dollar (77.8%):-
USD is the most significant trading currency among all. It covers more than 77% of trade and transactions for particularly bitcoin. statics show that USD uses in the trade have gain a significant growth which makes it most prior currency for trading

Japanese yen (12.27%):-
Japanese yen is the second most used currency, which dominates almost 12.27% bitcoin trade. As we all know, Japan is a technology hub. Although yen is in second place, many people from japan use to invest in cryptocurrencies, and as very few are familiar with yen that why trading is less performed with yen and people in japan also use USD, and because of this % is less.

Euro (5.57%):-
Euro comes in third place in trading currency domination as the Euro is a significant currency. Most people use Euro for trading, which makes it in the third position in terms of trading in bitcoin. The overall percentage usage is although less in Euro.

Turkish Lira (1.61%):-
Turkish Lira is also one of the primary currency used in the trading of bitcoin. It is not much popular is simple trading and transaction in the world, but in the digital currency world, people like Turkish Lira, which make it in 4th position in bitcoin trading all over the world.

Korean Won (1.29%):-
The latest currency in our list is Korean Won, used for bitcoin to fiat trading. It dominates 1.29% of world transactions of bitcoin trading since this currency is used least in the significant list, but this currency is also loveable by many people for bitcoin transactions.