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Two New Counties In Oregon Will Launch Blockchain-Based Mobile Voting

Two new state counties in the United States have recently announced that they would enable the locals to use a blockchain-based app to vote on the upcoming elections, which are set to happen in November.

According to the reports, two counties in Oregon, Umatilla and Jackson, are the next ones to adopt the technology. They will do this with a partnership with Tusk Philanthropies and the mobile app Voatz. With the project, voters will be able to vote on the elections from their own homes by using their smartphones.

The app uses facial recognition technology and blockchain as a way to determine the identities of the voters and to secure their votes in a way in which it is impossible to fake them.

At first, only a small number of voters will be able to use the program. This was mainly decided because the project is still highly experimental, so the pilot test phase is very important. Most of the people on the project are living in other countries at the moment, so they will be able to vote remotely.

Other jurisdictions of the country are also offering the option to vote remotely using the blockchain. West Virginia, for instance, was the first state in the U. S. to do it with the Voatz platform. Since then, Utah, Colorado and Denver also had some counties which adopted the technology and were successful with the system.

In the near future, it is expected that even more companies will follow this route and start experimenting with the technology.