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Top of cryptocurrency thefts?


?Hacking of Mt Gox exchange 
In 2014 the exchange lost 850 thousands BTC (in 2014 it was equivalent to $450mil). According to the current rate this sum is bigger than an anuual budget of 2-3 African countries. Keep it on mind that this resource used to process more than 70% of all transactions of BTC in 2013. The fact that after this theft the rate of cryptocurrency went down 30% tells about serious consequences. 

?Grouping of Lazarus 
World famous North Korean group of hackers stole $600mil from the pickets of cryptocurrency owners. The group was gathering information about the victims by tracking transactions of those.

In 2019 the exchange was hacked by the hackers who managed to steal 342 thousands Ethereum (according to the rate at the time of the theft it was equal to $50mil). 

Last summer one more resource became a victim of hackers. Clients of Japanese exchange lost $23mil, the whole sum of stolen money was $32mil (accorting to the rate in July, 2019). Thefts stole money from the 5 types of wallets: Bitcoin (the favorite one for thefts), Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin и Ripple. 

Thefts stole 7 thousands of BTC in general (at that moment it was around $40mil), that is more than 2% of all the bitcoin assets of Binance. 

✅To solve this problem, you can use SmartMixer service, that proved its effectiveness to many users. 

The program mixes your cryptocurrencies with other bitcoins/altcoins, makes a payment and then deletes the links of these transactions to eliminate the possibility to track the transactions you make and to save the anonymity of service users. 

For example, you send 3 BTC to your business partner, the another user pays 0,5 BTC in the internet-store and the third one makes a 1 BTC transaction etc. All the bitcoins get mixed and only after that they will be sent to the recipients.

More details about the service can be found on the Smartmixer  website.

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