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Top 3 informations from the Charity lunch of Warren Buffett and Justin Sun

➖Justin invested in Tesla since 2012. WarrenBuffett thinks elonmusk is a great entrepreneur but he doesn’t think Tesla is a good investment at this time cuz automobile industries have fierce competitions & all of Tesla’s competitors w/ large cash reserves won’t quit.

➖WarrenBuffett feels #Bitcoin still needs a lot of work in order to capture the value of #blockchain. Justin told Mr. Buffett #Bitcoin is the currency for the next generation, Mr. Buffett smiled and said “I’m sure my grandson would rather inherit my wealth in $USD.”

➖WarrenBuffett believes there is great potential in #blockchain & lots of his portfolio companies are exploring it such as jpmorgan. He is curious to see how #blockchain will play out in the payment industry in the next 10 yrs. I have lots of work in store for me!