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Tom Lee: 'HODL in Bitcoin rally, -25% return if you miss the 10 days'

With Bitcoin marching on to break the $7000 mark, Fundstrat's Thomas Lee is recommending people to not sell BTC. If traders sell now, you might be missing out on Bitcoin's annual performance.

Recently, Lee shared in an analysis that Bitcoin generally generates all of its performance in a year within 10 days of that year. In other words, real money in Bitcoin can only be made in a very short timeframe every year. This is a trend that has been going on since 2013 already.

If you miss out on that 10-day Bitcoin performance, your average return will be -25%. In a tweet today, Lee is therefore saying that despite the 10% gains of Bitcoin, people should still HODL.

'This week's strong move on crypto and especially Bitcoin is a reminder that BTC historically generates its annual performance in 10 days. Miss those 10 days and average return is -25%. Reminder to HODL'.