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Tipping on Twitter with STHC

The following is a copy of

STHCOIN can now be used for tipping on Twitter. Here are the steps:

  1. Go to and deposit some STHC to the tip pool
  2. Tip on Twitter.
    (1) Tip users

    Example: (to 1.2 STHC to there users each)

     #STHC_TIP 1.2 @username1 @username2 @username3

    (2) Tip those who retweets In the tweet you would like to be retweeted, include

     #STHC_TIP 1.2 for all retweets

     Each of the retweets will then receive 1.2 STHC.


     #STHC_TIP 1.2 for 100 retweets

     Each of the first 100 retweets will then receive 1.2 STHC.

     If you somehow want to stop the tips early, just retweet your original tweet with the following comment.

     #STHC_TIP stop

  3. The coins in the tip pool need to be withdrawn first before they can be sent to other STHC addresses.

  4. Those who do not have STHC addresses but have received tips can also tip, as long as the total sent is less than the total received.

  5. Check the tips you sent/received at

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