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The communication 4

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Nolan Bauerle: (15:33)
What you’re basically saying is the world today is recognizable to the entrepreneurs and visionaries of 25 years ago. They would recognize what we’re doing today as the thing they predicted, but as you said, maybe coming at it from a different angle, with different names, on a different platform. The specifics are perhaps different, but the overall outline of it is pretty much in line with what those folks had envisioned.
Josh Brown: (16:00)
You know, this predates what I just talked about. In the 1800s we had a bubble in railroads, and almost every one of them went bankrupt. But what was left behind in the wake of that financial wreckage were the tracks, and the trains, and the stations, and the expertise to build more. And I mean we have trains to this day, and we had bullet trains. And what they’re building to connect … I was just down in Orlando, and I saw all the facilities that they’ve built for the bullet train that’s going to take people from Miami to Orlando in 15 minutes.
good one

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