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The Next Quantum Leap in Financial Trading - [BTC Media Sponsor]

The Next Quantum Leap in Financial Trading - [BTC Media Sponsor]

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A common narrative in today’s financial world is that crypto
holders are often unable to execute trades without paying large amounts of
commissions and fees. Traditional markets are loaded with retail brokerages
that bet against their clients with artificially adjusted prices, spreads and
unrealistic fees.

Enter Quantfury, an emerging enterprise that’s
on an ambitious quest to reshape this landscape for everyday cryptocurrency
holders and others who enjoy trading the markets.  Founded in April 2017 with offices in Toronto
and Singapore, Quantfury offers a state-of-the-art trading app for both iOS and
Android that allows traders to utilize their cryptocurrency holdings to trade
equities, cryptocurrencies, fiat pairs and commodities, in fiat amounts.

Fueled by the smartphone revolution, cryptocurrency owners now
have the ability to trade both traditional financial instruments and
cryptocurrencies without commissions or other types of fees.

Quantfury Trading App

It’s here where the Quantfury trading app delivers an
exquisitely well-designed interface for both platform traders and token
holders, all in the palm of their hands, free of fees and through real market
prices. Crypto holders can register on the app within minutes, select and post
their crypto collateral amount and begin trading.

Through the use of the Quantfury app, all financial instruments
are quoted in real time, in their nominal currency and with best bid and ask
prices delivered directly from the global exchange.

App users get free, fair and transparent trading on both
traditional and cryptocurrency markets, including access to myriad sectors and
asset classes. 

Cryptocurrencies are used to fund the collateral, giving users
the green light to commence trading on the app with fiat funds that are 20-times
collateral value and free of any leverage fees. All financial instruments are
quoted in real time, and favorable bid and ask prices are delivered directly
from the global exchanges, representing the best available spreads.

Over the span of 12 years, the company CEO Gregory Kim, who
holds a degree in economics from University College London has held top trading
positions in “Tier-1” financial institutions, most recently with Bank of
America Merrill Lynch. 

“Quantfury was started by a group of traders, quants and machine
learning professionals who set out to change the exploitative retail trading
industry,” Kim said. “The goal was to make trading financial markets absolutely
transparent and fair, with zero commission or leverage fees for people

Kim also has a unique strategic direction for Quantfury.

“We are market-agnostic and focused entirely on our product,”
Kim explained. “Quantfury, we believe, is a perfect example of an off-chain
financial technology company using crypto to onboard users, as well as offer a
token model that’s an industry differentiator. 

So why should a trader choose Quantfury versus other trading

“Every Quantfury user has the ability to trade with no
commissions, leverage fees or any other type of fees, which is unmatched in the
retail trading industry,” Kim explained. “Our users buy and sell equities,
cryptocurrencies, fiat pairs and commodities at the best bid and ask prices
delivered directly from global exchanges.”

Quantfury has received institutional funding from Invictus
Capital and the Hyperion Fund to fuel their ambitious project. Unlike many
blockchain and ICO projects, Quantfury offers a practical business application
of blockchain technology to deliver integrity and transparency at a time when
the future of trading is still finding its way.

“We are a fintech company leveraging blockchain and crypto,” Kim
said. “Our app is available globally for crypto holders and retail traders.



Note: Trading and
investing in digital assets is speculative and can be high risk. Based on the
shifting business and regulatory environment of such a new industry, this
content should not be considered as investment or legal advice.

This promoted article originally appeared on Bitcoin Magazine.