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Trism ( was launched via airdrop 4th December 2020 by a UK based founder. The founder received 25,000 (2.5%) of trism, locked in liquidity until December 2021. No money was taken in fundraise, the project is being funded centrally. Trism is advised by UK listed Online Blockchain Plc.
The UK based founder has also voluntarily locked a total of 31% of the current Uniswap liquidity pool until December 2021 - the additional balances were purchased in market by the founder after the airdrop.
Trism has no ongoing overheads covered by the project and the founder is employed outside of the project so there is currently no cash burn to maintain the project.
Trism is a collectables creator and distributor of original digital NFT art supported by it’s own native token ‘trism’. Trism tokens can be used on opensea to buy and sell NFT’s from the trism collectables series. Trism tokens are also governance tokens, and whilst the project is currently centrally managed key decisions are put to the community for voting.