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Success Application status and update

Application status (beta)

Currently, the application is in the '[b]beta[/b]' stage. That means that although there are known issues, and functionality may still change, and new pages may be added. The alpha stage had around 250 users. For the beta period we are targeting 10,000 users to check scalability. The next stage, will be "pre-release" and a target date still has to be determined.

v0.1.0b (April 22, 2021)

Updates are incremental, in line with the roadmap, and based on feedback received from the community or are known issues.
  • Add support for non-standard NFT platform KnownOrigin

  • Add support for Edition IDs (instead of Token IDs)

  • Added 11 NFT Platforms

  • Added page for NFT Platforms

  • Added widget for "Do NFT Health Checks"

  • Added KnownOrigin to examples (first IPFS Best Practices example)

  • Added Owner's Responsibility to NFT Rating Overview

  • Added footnote on IPFS best practices

  • Improved responsiveness of loading indicators

  • Added support for Collectibles (in addition to Art)
  • Standardized rating component
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: Safety rating column's are not sortable

  • FIXED: Some links in expandable rows don't work (expanding was handled first)