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Steps to launch your crypto payment gateway

A crypto payment gateway software that uses Blockchain technology to process the crypto payments from the crypto users to the merchants who receive cryptocurrencies as payments. As it is backed by blockchain technology, it ensures secured transactions. As the Crypto payment gateways introduced a new way of paying, it has been adopted by many eCommerce sites and even burger shops. You might have seen posters in front of the shops like "Bitcoins accepted". It is possible through a cryptocurrency payment gateway.

Well-known crypto payment gateways like bitpay and coinpayments started providing crypto payment gateway services to merchants who wish to accept cryptocurrencies. Knowing the importance of cryptocurrencies, many crypto traders are investing in many cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are efficient and safer to store. They are also more convenient to payment options. So, crypto traders started using cryptocurrencies as payments.  

Many startups are also interested in developing their crypto payment gateways like bitpay and coinpayments.
They can follow the steps below to launch a crypto payment gateway in a hassle-free manner.  

Steps to launch your crypto payment gateway

1. Analyze the competitors.
2. Work on module planning and internal architecture of your crypto payment gateway from the initial to deployment stage.
3. Ensure you have enough funds for the entire project.
4. Hire blockchain developers from a renowned cryptocurrency payment gateway development company
5. Work on the features and advanced security options to build the audience base and credibility.
6. Work on developing and deploying the platform without any technical errors.
7. Test run the platform optimize in terms of technical and business aspects if required.  
8. Set up a team to manage and maintain the crypto payment gateway beforehand.
9. Pitch pre-marketing techniques to create brand awareness.
10. Work on updating the platform for security patches regularly.

Hope you have now cleared with the steps to launch a crypto payment gateway. Other than these steps, you have to be sure of an important factor. That is the type of development.

Speaking of the ways to develop your crypto payment gateway, you can develop crypto payment gateways in one of three ways.

i) Develop an entire crypto payment gateway from scratch.
ii) Using open-source code.
iii) Using a white label crypto payment gateway software.

Developing an entire crypto payment gateway from scratch requires a lot of resources. You may have to work with the business and technical consultants before and after developing the platform. You can consult a cryptocurrency payment gateway development company to help you with the entire development process.

The second option would be using the open-source codes available on the internet. There are many forums and sites where you can get the codes. I would not prefer it. Because the codes are available to every other person on the internet. So, there will not be any privatized security files to protect your platform.

The perfect option would be choosing a white label crypto payment gateway software from a reliable crypto payment gateway development company. I would suggest you go with Zab technologies, a leading Blockchain development company in the software industry. Being termed as a pioneer in the crypto markets they offer best-in-class crypto payment gateway development services at affordable costs.


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