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Startpage.Finace Application status (Alpha)

Currently, the application is in the [b]alpha[/b] stage. That means that although there are known issues, and functionality may still change a lot, it is open for testing and we welcome community feedback. The alpha stage is expected to last until April 21, 2021. The next stage, expected to start April 22, 2021 is the 'beta' stage.

Update: v0.0.79a (April 21, 2021)

Updates are incremental, in line with the roadmap, and based on feedback received from the community or are known issues.
CPU Mining
  • Opportunities are now sorted by popularity (hot first)

  • Added CPU Mining opportunity (Stormgain)

  • Added "Mining Location" column to indicate where mining takes place (pc, mobile, cloud)

  • Added link to opportunity on screenshot

  • Added column to indicate if the opportunity has a referral program (and a disclaimer that the link may be a referral link)
  • Updated styling of buttons to be consistent with the NFT Health Check page

  • Added link to new Single Point of Failures page

  • Added New page to explain the numerous possible Single Point Of Failures (SPOFs)

  • Added compliance check for ERC-1155

  • Added contextual quicklinks widget to NFT pages

  • Added support for Mintable NFTs
  • Added ability to have multiple sources per brand/site
Bug Fixes
  • FIXED: CPU Mining, clicking on the arrow doesn't expand the row (same for the reward token column)

  • FIXED: Pressing "Clear Results" on NFT health check page does not clear input fields