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Staking 2.0: The Best Coins for Staking in 2019

Staking and masternodes were an early trend among digital assets. Some projects promised outlandish returns of as much as 400% annualized. As the bear market ravaged prices in 2018, masternodes and staking lost attractiveness.

But in 2019, staking seems to be back, as part of the decentralized finance (DeFi) trend. New projects are cropping up, and older networks are offering lucrative forms of staking.
Perhaps the most notable example was the arrival of Algorand (ALGO), a pure proof-of-stake network offering democratic entry into block production. ALGO reaches around 4.74% annualized return rate on staking. But this form of interest rate is also holding unseen risk - the actual dollar value of rewards may be much lower.
The most prominent project awaiting to turn to staking is Ethereum (ETH), which will aim to bring about partial staking and residual mining as soon as 2020. But other projects are also turning to staking, such as Cardano (ADA), which was one of the recent projects to offer staking at the end of May, currently offering a 3.7% annualized yield.
Other older token projects that may offer staking include ICON, Wanchain, and OmiseGo. Aion, Polkadot, Rchain and other smaller projects are also planning to support staking in the near future.
Staking has the potential to increase community participation, as it offers the chance of gains through consumer electronics and a simple wallet. While some of the projects have masternodes, simple staking is still appealing.
According to the StakingRewards service, the top-rated coins for staking in 2019 are IOST, Decred, Cosmos, Livepeer, and IoTex. Those projects have vastly varying returns, but the overall rating remains high. Livepeer offers the highest return, at more than 153% annualized, meaning the network has engineered high inflation into its coin production.
Top coins also offer modest staking rewards - TRON staking offers 4.21% returns annualized, and EOS offers just 1.84%.
But advertising and social media activity around staking has grown in the past months, bringing more awareness of staking:
Quote:[url=]Staking is one of the most important trends in crypto. If you want to keep up I recommend the @StakingEconomy newsletter. Interesting metrics from latest issue:
- Cosmos hub launch = almost 50% of circulating token supply at stake 
- Almost $5B staked across all staking projects
— Linda Xie (@ljxie) April 4, 2019

Staking and masternodes are important, for the potential to significantly limit the supply of coins and avoid rapid sell-offs. Still, it is best to do thorough research before committing to holding coins for a certain term.