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Soothing Coin showing online realtime STHC circulation supply


Soothing Coin showing online realtime STHC circulation supply

[Image: sthc-logo.jpg?time=1586798723]
From now we are showing our online realtime STHC circulation supply.
Today we completed our new API about circulation supply and can be easely contact to any crytocurrency data sites: CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, CoinPaparika, CoinRanking, etc.
STHC listing date on MercuriEx exchange: 15. April 2020.
Listing Pairs:
STHC was pegged to Bankcoin Reserve as strategic partner.
1 BCR = 1000 STHC

About Soothing Coin
Our goal is to develop a cryptocurrency platform that is strongly secure, conveniently accessible, blazingly fast, honestly fair and, greatly affordable. Plus, we want it to be stress-free!
The development will advance in the following fronts:[/size]
  • Publization (bounty program, referral encouragement etc)
  • Blockchain
  • Web system
  • Mobile apps
  • Education (providing tutorials, instructions etc)

About MercuriEx[/size]

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