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Simplest way to invest in bitcoins with at least 100% leverage marginally?

If you want to trade your bitcoins with 100% leverage options, there are few top companies that offer a cryptocurrency exchange with margin trading which you can avail. To get utmost benefits and profits for your exchange business, conduct massive research and choose the right leverage exchange platform and attain their white label solutions. Whitelabel solutions are readily available and are pre-tested before delivery which will guarantee safety and reliability for your business. To choose the right platform, the important elements you need to look into are as follows,

  1. Multiple Language support integration

  2. Multiple cryptocurrency support integration

  3. Secured multi-currency wallet integration

  4. High-volume liquidity

  5. Advanced technical integrations

  6. Cutting-edge blockchain technology and smart contracts integrations

  7. Trading Bots

  8. Leverage/ Margin Ratios

  9. Powerful trading engines

  10. Enhanced security protocols.
These are some of the essential factors you need to look into an authentic crypto leverage exchange platform for a smooth business process. One of the few companies offering reliable white label solutions for crypto leverage exchange business is Blockchain App Factory. Their exchange allows you to leverage upto 150X with a margin of 1 BTC and expand your position exponentially. Get in touch with their team to reap exciting benefits.