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Poll: Is Craig Wright actually Satoshi, or are the courts of the world invading our world?
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Satoshi Nakamoto?

Is Craig Wright Satoshi? 

In a strange moment even for the wacky world of crypto we have yet another wtf moment?! 

Longtime self proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto proceeded to bring the developer behind into a courthouse for a claim of copywright infringement for their posting of the bitcoin whitepaper on the website.
Choosing to not destroy his anonymous identity the developer simply known as Cobra did not appear so it was ruled "no contest'

The UK court hearing the case upheld the ruling and ordered the developer to remove the whitepaper, and also to pay over 48,000 in damages.

In a move worthy of a chess board ,  Cobra responded with an offer to send the restitution in the form of Bitcoin , to none other than Satoshi's wallet.

Throw your opinions below, what do you think of any of this??
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