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Sassy Me accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR)

Sassy Me now accepts Bankcoin Reserve (BCR) as a form of payment.

Sassy Me as founded in 2011 by Owner and Hairdresser Tracey. What started out as a part-time business in her home salon, soon became a booming business that was too much for just herself to manage. She hired staff to help with the increase in clients, one of which included her daughter Emily who now manages the company along side her.

[Image: sassy.jpg]

[Image: ext.jpg]

[Image: sassy2.png]

[Image: sassy3.jpg]

[Image: sassy4.jpg]

With people travelling from far and wide seeking the excellent services that Sassy Me has to offer, it became clear that there just wasn’t enough room in the 3 seater salon anymore. 

[Image: SASSYMELOGONEW2014-300x247.png]

It wasn’t long before the salon moved to a large shop in the heart of Penrith… and then Wollongong… and then into a huge online retailer that ships nationally!