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STHCOIN Project Overview and Plan

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Our goal is to develop a cryptocurrency platform that is strongly secure, conveniently accessible, blazingly fast, honestly fair and, greatly affordable. Plus, we want it to be stress-free!
The development will advance in the following fronts:
  • Publization (bounty program, referral encouragement etc)
  • Blockchain
  • Web server
  • Mobile wallet
  • Education (providing tutorials, instructions etc)
  • Coin buyback (We will buy back coins when the time comes)
The exact step to take depends on the situation. We must stay nimble to survive and thrive in the ever-changing world.
For now, our focus is on publicization, and we plan to have the mobile wallets ready by the end of summer.
If you become interested in the project and would like to adventure with us, you are more than welcome ! Drop a note in the reply and we will get you on board. [Image: muscle.png?v=9]
Get some “Soothing” and stay soothed! [Image: coffee.png?v=9]
AltcoinN community will support this development plan.
That's awesome!
The project will be developed through multiple phases. We are happy to share the plan of Phase One below. That of Phase Two will be announced towards the end of Phase One. The details of future phases are secret for now to protect our potential.

Phase 1 Plan
  • Q1,Q2 2020
    Establish and expand user base through bounty program, referral program etc.
    Add and prefect tutorials and instructions
  • Q3 2020
    Publish mobile wallets
  • Q4 2020
    Get listed on an exchange
Your article is such an informative article. It is glad to read such those articles. Thanks for sharing. hangman

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