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STHC: the golden coin

Soothing coin is the Next wealth creation coin. it will be moving in the crypto market like wild fire  as it has already been listed on,,
With price of 1.7+ $/ STHC
many people had the chance to own many STHC for free, but failed to to do the needful.

STHC was marked to be listed on exchange in December,2020, but due to the hard work of the team , many development have taken place so rapidly and hence calling for an Early listing.
Many people thought Early listing will affect the price but to the surprise of all of us the price is getting more stable than expected.

Bankcoin Reserve and STHC are in great bond , this relationship caused STHC to be pegged at 1000STHC/ 1BCR....This will make the coin price stable.(read more on )

If you dont have STHC yet, You still have the chance to own more STHC by registering and claiming free coin every two hours,   mining ,  tweeting messages related to STHC on Twitter. And you can also refer friends and earn, 

Get work now at

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