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Renewables in Africa/KWHCoin Social Impact Fund

BREAKING NEWS: KWHCoin Announces First Projects in Africa.
KWHCoin is proud to announce its first projects in Africa. These are real “on the ground” works that will help change the lives of people living today without reliable energy access.

The ‘Amazon of Solar Products’ in East Africa
KWHCoin is funding Comparisol, a mobile marketplace that connects solar customers with trusted solar suppliers in East Africa.
Comparisol is currently working on its first prototype that is scheduled to launch in late 2018. Co-founder Jason Iyeke has this to say

“With Comparisol, we want to make it easier to suppliers to reach out customers, including last mile distribution and for customers to access good and reliable products that will fit their need. We aim for Comparisol to be a sort of ‘Amazon of solar products’ in East Africa”

KWHCoin is supporting early design and feasibility work for a 30 megawatt (MW) solar plant in Cameroon. KWHCoin Advisor and [url=https://www.renewablesinafrica.
Renewables in Africa Founder Tony Tiyou is working closely with the developer on this project. Tiyou commented on it by saying:[/size][/color]
Quote:“Cameroon is looking to raise electrification rates to over 70% by 2035, and we are confident the project will help move us forward in that direction.”

Renewables in Africa Founder Tony Tiyou will announce the launch of the Renewables in Africa (RiA)/KWHCoin Social Impact Fund at the Africa Mini-Grid Summit on March 21 in Nairobi, Kenya. The Fund will be used to support mini-grids and offgrids projects in Africa and South-east Asia, and Latin America.
At the Summit, KWHCoin will provide further details about the Fund’s goals and targets,  the selection process, and next steps.