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[b]Winglio helps freelancers cut the paperwork[/b]
[b]and earn more money [/b]
With Winglio you can easily get paid and invoice your clients from the rented company. Simply focus on your work and clients without having to deal with the costs and time constraints of running your own company. Winglio helps you get paid, be more productive, save money, and increase your profits.
[b]NO paperwork & bureaucracy[/b] – Don’t bother with paperwork ever again – we do it all so that you can focus on your work and clients.
[b]NO company setup & monthly costs[/b] – With Winglio there are no regular monthly costs of running a company.
[b]Save on taxes[/b] – Pay your subcontractors and associates directly from Winglio rented company and reduce your taxable income.
[b]Cheaper, more efficient and easy-to-use solution[/b] – You don’t have to OWN a car to use it when you need. And the same goes for the company. Rent-a-company saves you energy, money and time.
Easy to understand. Easy to use.
[Image: rent-a-company-how-it-works.jpg]
By renting a company, you enter into partnership with Winglio, in which Winglio takes care of payments and paperwork so you can focus completely on your work and clients.
You can send invoices from Winglio Estonian and Irish companies and withdraw money paid by your clients to your bank account or PayPal as your personal income.
That’s it. Simple, clever, safe!