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Profit in New Filing

Canaan officially filed for an IPO in the U.S. last month as its third attempt to go public after its first two applications in mainland China and Hong Kong, respectively, fell through.
Bitcoin’s price jump since earlier this year has boosted the sales of Canaan’s Avalon miners, which resulted in the market’s demand outstripping the firm’s supply.
According to the latest filing, Canaan’s main sales volume for 2019 so far comes from its older Avalon 8 series products with 265,756 units sold, whereas its most latest A9 and A10 models recorded a sales volume of 88,034 and 56,556 units, respectively.
All in all, Canaan said in the filing that for the first nine months in 2019, it has sold a total computing power of 7.59 exhashes per second, which accounts for roughly eight percent of bitcoin’s current network hash rate.
Canaan chairman Kong Jianping image via CoinDesk

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