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Pay with Bitcoin and get 15–30% off everything from Amazon!

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Purse is a marketplace where you can get a discount on everything you buy on Amazon if you pay with Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash. This works even if Amazon and Purse is not “officially” in your country. In this article I’ll show you how.
If you don’t want to read the story and jump straight to the guide, scroll down to “How it Works”.

[Image: 1*GDktuzBmiSosK5gMT5sObA.png]
Except for Alibaba, Amazon is the world’s largest online store with a market valuation closing in on $1 trillion. With such a massive size, a lot services will build around their ecosystem, and Purse is one of those.
How does Purse work?
The large discounts are possible because of how Purse connects buyers and sellers on their marketplace. On the one hand, you have those who want to buy stuff on Amazon, and on the other hand, you have “earners” who want to exchange Amazon gift cards. When you place an order on Amazon via Purse, you decide which discount you want. Earners, however, are considering whether or not to accept your discount and fill your order.
Many services, including Amazon, offer online jobs (e.g., surveys) paid in Amazon gift cards. This is popular in many countries, even in countries where Amazon has limited to no coverage. For many, Amazon gift cards are not worth the paper it’s written on, but the fact that they can be sold for money is. These gift cards cannot be exchanged for money directly, but in the secondary market they can.
But why exchange to Bitcoin?
A lot of the online jobs available are paid in US gift cards or in gift cards that may come with geographical restrictions related to where they can be used. For this reason, gift cards in the secondary market are often traded in dollars. If you are in India with a gift card denominated in dollars, in theory, you must go through two intermediaries to get it converted into Indian rupee. First from gift card to dollar, then from dollar to rupee. In many cases, it will be cheaper, faster, and more accessible to switch from Bitcoin to a local currency than to change it from dollars to your local currency.
Purse has built a great marketplace, opening another door to increase market efficiency, both on the supply and demand side. We get a discount on what we buy, and earners get more money for their gift cards.
Purse is a trust-based marketplace, like Airbnb and Lyft. After each trade, you give each other feedback, making both parties accountable. As with all decentralized marketplaces, there is always someone with bad motives. On Purse, this applies especially to people who use/sell gift cards paid with stolen credit cards. However, to eliminate the risk for buyers, Purse has an insurance policy that covers up to $10,000 in case of fraud, injury, or any similar case. I have made several small and medium-sized purchases on Purse, and I have never experienced any problems.
How it Works
Here’s what you need to do to get a discount on everything from Amazon.
  1. You must have Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash to use Purse. If you do not hold any yet, you can easily purchase it on Coinbase.
  2. Go to Amazon and create a profile. If you’re a European living in a country where Amazon is not present, the general rule is to pick the Amazon store closest to your country or/and you understand the language. I live in Norway and use the British Amazon shop.
  3. Go to “Your Account”, then “Your Lists”, then “Create a List”.
[Image: 1*123m2sqAmgo6G1gruX4UDw.png]
Go to Create a List on the top right marked in blue
4. Select “Wish List”, “Public”, and give the list a name. In the example below, I have chosen “Min handleliste” (Norwegian for “My shopping list”).

[Image: 1*OVmGaCv51iD9xY2Z8t88ig.png]
5. Time to begin the search! Options are basically limitless on Amazon. Unless you’re from a country where Amazon has a shop, it’s important that you filter the search by pressing “International Shipping Eligible”. This button is on the side menu at the bottom left (marked in blue in the picture below).

[Image: 1*TlnnqegAgOPwIbmxYmnSiw.png]
Remember to mark for “International Shipping Eligible”
6. Once you’ve found what you want, add it to your list by pressing “Add to List”, then “My Shopping List” (see bottom right of the image below).

[Image: 1*LVWx3nHxWAP8lTA_SeAw8Q.png]
Perfect! PlayStation! Added to “My Shopping List”
7. You can add as many items as you like in your list, and you can change your list at any time. To proceed, you will need the link to your shopping list. You can find this by going to “My Lists”, then to “My shopping list”, then selecting “Send list to others”.

[Image: 1*l7VimQIe8pk0bQaNCSkCOQ.png]
Copy the link
8. Go to Purse and paste the link in the search box at the top of the page.
[Image: 1*IdSNfbr9wWd651eemmawmQ.png]
Paste the link to your shopping list on Purse
9. Your list will appear, and you can select all the items you want to purchase. In my example, I have chosen the PlayStation.
[Image: 1*BVdQqUA1mESC8nrRpXV1CA.png]
Add all the items you want to buy
10. Press “Add selected to cart”, then “Proceed to checkout”.
11. Now comes the fun. It’s time to decide your discount, but keep in mind that there is a balance. The higher the discount you charge, the longer it will take and less likely it is that a earner is willing to accept and fill the order for you. Additionally, the chance of being exposed to fraud increases if you put the discount too high. My tip is that you start with a smaller purchase and set the discount at 15%. As you complete more trades and get good feedback, you will be able to increase your discount and the size of your purchases. Press “Continue”.
[Image: 1*fpruE975Lwy4W2I4Pn-0jw.png]
In this example, I put the discount to 25%. “Extra funds” should be added in cases where shipping is not included.
12. If you do not have a Purse user account, you will be taken to the register account page. Follow the steps, and you will return to your order. Select the address you have entered and tap “Ship to this address”.

[Image: 1*blDcjtnmenxBSU2JIXXEFg.png]

13. Review the order and press “Proceed to Payment”.
14. You will get a unique address for sending Bitcoin to pay for your order. Copy the address or scan the QR code to pay.

[Image: 1*oFFNLZLuMKSXC5fwWbtLjg.png]
In the example above, I have to pay 0.04021748 BTC to make the order
15. When Purse has received your payment, just sit back and wait for someone to fill your order. This may take minutes or several days depending on your rating and the size of your purchase and discount.
[Image: 1*Rn8QcR71BWUk25A_ALt0Ww.png]
The order is made. Now, wait for an earner to fill it.
16. When an earner fills your order, the package will be in your mailbox is a few days later, just as if you had ordered from Amazon yourself. Even though you paid earlier, Bitcoins are just locked into a digital vault where you hold the key. Once you have received the package and confirmed the content, it’s important that you log into Purse again and confirm that the transaction is complete (“release escrow”). Earners will not be paid until you unlock the digital vault. This is your main insurance to make sure you get what you ordered. Never confirm a trade and release Bitcoins before you have confirmed that you have received what you ordered for. Should something happen, i.e., the earner canceled the order, the Bitcoins will automatically be refunded to you.
17. The last step is to give feedback to each other. A tip to get good feedback as a buyer is to be quick to confirm that the trade is complete once you have received and checked the package.
To skeptics, keep in mind that you can always cancel an order that is not filled, and that Purse has insurance covering up to $10,000 in case of fraud, injury, or any similar case.

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