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PancakeSwap Clone Script - Way to launch your DeFi based Dex like Pancakeswap.

Rapid growth in the Crypto space has brought out many new DeFi projects, among them one of the most popular DeFi projects is the Pancakeswap clone script. 


Pancakeswap is a first-ever food-based DeFi based exchange platform.  It is a Decentralized exchange platform that allows traders to trade their tokens and cryptocurrencies without the help of intermediaries. Pancakeswap build on the binance smart chain in an automated market-making mechanism. 
Pancakeswap supports more liquidity and transactions compared to uniswap, the reason for its high liquidity is because it keeps up the transfer of BEP20 tokens.

Pancakeswap clone script:

Pancakeswap clone script is an exact clone software of Pancakeswap with extra features and functionality. Anyone can launch their own Pancakeswap clone script as it is readily available in the market space. It is a 100% customizable whitelabel solution. Customizable refers to the feature of the pancakeswap clone script that can be altered or changed based on the business requirements of the user during any stage of the development process. 
Developing a pancakeswap clone script is also less time consuming process and also cost effective.

Features of Pancakeswap clone script:

Open source : Non- custodial decentralized platform.
No order book : Since Pancakeswap clone script is AMM (Automated market making) process order book can be removed and trading function takes place automatically. 
BEP20 token Swapping : Swapping of a ERC20 token to BEP20 token
Speed and Security: High speed transaction and Global security.
Increased Liquidity and Reduces trading fees
Yield farming : Earn rewards by staking and farming tokens 
Lottery : earn rewards by getting lottery.
IFO : Initial firm offering - with yield farming user can get newly introduced token

How to launch Pancakeswap clone script?

Launching a pancakeswap clone script is not a big deal, anyone can launch their own pacakeswap clone as the clone scripts are readymade projects available in the market. Based on your requirements, cost and estimation time you can choose a better company for your development process. 

Pancakeswap clone script provider:

If you are ready to develop your pancakeswap clone script, I suggest you the best pancakeswap clone script provider - “WeAlwin Technologies'', a professional DeFi development company who provides you with outstanding features and functionalities of pancakeswap clone script within 48 hours. They have the instant solution for your Pancakeswap with low cost and easy to launch process on time.