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Nolan Bauerle:

Welcome to Bitcoin Macro, a pop-up podcast produced as part of the CoinDesk: Invest New York conference in November. I’m your host Nolan Bauerle. Both the podcast and the event explore the intersection of bitcoin and the global macroeconomy with perspectives from some of the leaders thinkers in finance, crypto, and beyond.
Nolan Bauerle: (00:29)
I’m delighted to be joined today by Meltem Demirors, one of the most famous people in crypto, that’s for sure. Meltem has been around for a long time, but really sprung to international prominence with her amazing testimony in a Congress Committee this past summer on the whole Libra offering. The people who have been working in cryptocurrencies for a long time have always been aware of Meltem’s brilliance, and she’s been kind enough to join us for today’s podcast.

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