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New Block Explorer Creates Sonorous, Galactic Experience of Bitcoin Blockchain

Seriously. The latest project from Hoskinson’s engineering company, IOHK, dubbed Symphony 2.0, portrays Bitcoin’s mempool “as a gravitational swell,” with the entirety of the blockchain’s ledger wrapped around this core like the rings of Saturn. On these rings, blockgazers hover over a 3-D representation of Bitcoin’s entire transaction history and can examine block data in both physical and numerical forms.
“The Symphony project began with a question: how do we represent blockchain technology in a way that is stimulating, entertaining, and audio-visually engaging for a wider audience, technical and non-technical,” the project’s website reads. “In other words, how do we explain the abstract and give form to the formless. Starting as a single project, Symphony has grown to become several creative initiatives.”
The final answer, apparently, is a stunning galactic representation of Bitcoin’s structure and a planetary view of its components.

Visual and Symphonic Representation

As viewers enter the simulation, they’re given a rundown of how blocks and the mempool are represented, as well as live facts about how many unconfirmed transactions and mined blocks are on the network. 

Hovering through the vacuum of space, as you approach the latest block, you’ll be greeted by crystalline towers whose height and brightness represent the transaction value and ratio of the sender’s wallet’s spent and unspent coins, respectively. You can view blocks from an aerial, side-by-side.