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Silvering Precious Metals LLC and Soothing Coin as major and minor owners of AltcoinN website are announcing staking program for STHC.

1. AltcoinN accepts STHC from 1st of october 2020 as investing currency 0.02 USD/STHC
2. Investing currency may be changed every month (first working day).
3. Min. investment is 50.000 STHC (worth from 1st october 2020 is 1000 USD)
4. Max. investment is 100.000 STHC (worth from 1st october 2020 is 2000 USD)
5. Every investor can invest only one time, because that investment process needs filling a Google form and KYC on or websites.
6. Interest rate from 1st october 2020 is 3% annually (investing time 1-5 year).
7. Payout every 6 months in BTC or ETH.

Starting date on website 1st october 2020.
All details about program will be posted there.

28th of September 2020

Bela Balog

Silvering Precious Metals LLC
Soothing Coin STHC

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