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Mystery Account received 2002 BTC from OKex and we don’t know why

In a shocking revelation by Whale Alert 2002 BTC, which is worth 14,584,340 USD has been transferred from OKex to an unknown wallet. The announcement by the twitter account that live tracks significant crypto transaction has left analysts wondering on who made it and for what purpose.

The semi-autonomous nature of bitcoin makes it possible to view the transfer on its blockchain, but details of who made it is still unknown. The impact of such a significant anonymous transaction on the crypto market is not predictable without finding out its causation.

The transaction is a transfer of bitcoins carried out on Monday, the 30th December 2019, at 15:33:35 UTC. The 2002 BTC was transferred from an Okex(exchange) account with address “1NYAd6fA2dc5xowuweFUSDRqRTEzDwk28.”

It has completed 5,886 transactions at the time of the press and has a final balance of 2303.51957929 BTC. OKex is the Malta-based cryptocurrency exchange platform. The transaction initiated to an unknown account with address “3Kzh9qAqVWQhEsfQz7zEQL1EuSx5tyNLNS. “

This mystery account has completed 446 transactions currently, and its current balance is 25784.46636482 BTC. The hash of the transaction is “4ee0fc9b06723dc9eaad8846148621d220c34d3e33fc67c7363c9df1b2a0114a” according to the website Any further details on the mystery account and the nature of its previous transfers are unavailable on the public ledger that records transactions.

Such bitcoin transactions have the potential to crash the market if they cashed in for fiat currency. This has happened in the past with flash crashes where Bitcoin lost $1000 in just 24 hours in 2018. Experts believe that mystery transactions like this are done for massive market manipulation and suppression by experienced traders.

Cryptocurrency analysts have attempted to trace the origin of the bitcoin transfer but have failed in pinning it to a particular individual or group. Theories on the controlling force of the address are running online. From an early adopter consolidating their address to a large company stockpiling currency, the possibilities are everywhere.

BTC is currently trading at $7270.32, with a 2.27 % fall in the last 24 hours. It only remains to be seen how this transaction affects bitcoin and the crypto community in the days to come.