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Must needed security features in Binance Clone Script

Binance stands as the king among Cryptocurrency Exchanges. This Exchange Supports more than 100+ Cryptocurrencies and has launched Binance DEX for De-Centralized trading. Recently it acquired wazir, the popular Indian Crypto Exchange, and has announced a 50 Million USD fund for blockchain-related projects in India.

This kind of achievements automatically inspire any people to start an exchange just like Binance in their locality and actually it is not rocket science and one can easily start an exchange like Binance with the best Binance Clone Features Have a look at security features need to integrate into Binance Clone Script

Escrow Integration
Escrow protection is the most needed feature for any cryptocurrency exchange for the secured transaction and prevents traders from hacking and theft

Two-Factor Authentication
Two-factor authentication is a much-needed feature for account protection Cold Wallet Hot wallets are prone to hacking and attacks and cold wallets are completely face.

Registry Lock
It provides efficient security to your domain during registration

Domain Name System Security Extensions
It will help unauthorized DNC and protect your exchange from fault registration Prevent DDoS Attacks A distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack involves overflowing a targeted server, service, or network by flooding it with heavy bogus internet traffic to disrupt its normal functioning