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Hey guys. Are you a content creator or someone who want to support your project?
Why not take a look at [color=var(--newCommunityTheme-linkText)][b]Mintme[/b][b].com[/b]. It allow you to create token that your supporter can buy to help you with your project.Creating a token is easy and free of charge.All you need is a valid address and a computer.[/color]
[b]Mintme[/b] also allow trade to [b]btc/eth/usdc[/b] for flexible trading of your supporters donation.Also if your token will have value your supporter can trade to new users where they can earn from their donation.But also keep in mind you need to manage your token so no one will dump the value.You can also deploy it to block chain to allow token holder send it to their mintme wallet or even use it to other exchange(if you apply for other exchange service) or to your website.
You can also use your CPU because it is CPU minable coin .Made for users that dont own expensive minners. As being CPU minable coin it is also asic miner resistant as what vision of their coin to not be mined by asic minners.
You can also embbed it to your website to mine from your website visitor.Easy to implement as it has code generator for different service provider (Wordpress and others ).Making your user mine for you.If you want to check it visit [color=var(--newCommunityTheme-linkText)]here[/color]
You can set airdrop for people to get free token.You can use it to set some actions like before they can get token they need to subscribe to your YouTube channel or share your website and many more.Imagine someone get from your airdrop and he shares your YouTube channel to your website.
More project are being made from mintme from website to software and services payed by buying the owner token.
With this said we are believing for mintme team effort to make the value higher but not just the team of but also the community effort.
Hope to see you in Mintme Smile

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