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Meaning of Real estate tokenization

It refers to dividing an asset into many shares for selling it to the investors. Each token will represent a predefined share of the underlying asset. The tokens can be traded in the leading crypto exchanges and alternative trading systems. When the value of the tokens is summed up, it would be equal to the total value of the securitized asset.
The process involved in a Security Token Offering
* It is also known as a tokenized security offering or a tokenized asset offering.
* The tokens will be offered by the owner of the property to investors via a crowdfunding campaign.
* The investors of the tokens will know the real value of the underlying asset they are buying and will benefit in case there is a price appreciation of the asset.
* Investors can trade their tokens on the leading exchanges in the market.
* Asset owners are in complete control of deciding how they want to market their STO

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