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Let's take a look at coins behaviour before and after halving

In this idea I will consider $BTC and $LTC charts. As you know, Litecoin's halving has alreadyhappened, while Bitcoin's halving is going to happen in May 2020

We can see that $LTC broke through the down-trend resistance ±4 months before the halving and then the price reached the TOP point 1.5 months before the event. Down-trend started one month before halving and during the event, $LTC has already been moving inside the down-trend. Many peopleexpected the down-trend to start right after the halving, but it happened earlier

Well, let's back to $BTC. Down-trend was already broken and the asset is currently located in up-trend. #BITCOIN still has much time before the halving (approx. 90 days), which means that the next couple of months will be green for $BTC. The target point for this growth was mentioned randomly, it can be $12,000 - $15,000 or even $17,000. Depends on how much fresh blood will enter the market.