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Ledger Releases New Wallet With More Memory, App for Mobile Management

Ledger just dropped news of its latest hardware wallet, and it comes with an app for managing the wallet’s funds remotely.

The company will reveal the new Ledger Nano X at this year’s CES conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Calling its new wallet “Ledger’s new signature product,” the team indicated in a demonstration and interview with Bitcoin Magazine that the Nano X stays true to the simple design of its flagship, the Nano S, with some added complexity and versatility.

Most notably, the Nano X is being released in tandem with the new Ledger Live Mobile app, available for both Android and iOS. Connecting to the hardware wallet via Bluetooth, this application will allow users to check their wallet status and balance, send transactions and install/uninstall wallet support for various coins without having to unlock their hardware wallet.

“There have been a lot of requests from our users to have a native application,” Ledger’s CEO Éric Larchevêque told Bitcoin Magazine. Until this app, which will also allow Nano S users to check their wallet status in “read-only mode,” Ledger customers had to rely on browser extensions like Chrome or MetaMask or services like MyEtherWallet to manage funds.

Other improvements over the Nano S include a larger screen, the migration of the buttons from the top to the front of the device for easier navigation and the ability to hold a charge.