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Kik Suffers Setbacks With ‘Void for Vagueness’ Defense in SEC Case

Last month, Kik’s messaging platform was acquired by MediaLab, a holding company with Whisper and other apps in its portfolio. Kik CEO Ted Livingstone has said the SEC action prompted the sale.
So what’s next? In the latest filing, also made public Tuesday, the SEC asks Judge Hellerstein to allow it to depose seven individuals after the current fact discovery deadline of Nov. 29.
These individuals include blockchain author and investor William Mougayar, kin app developer Luc Hendriks and Ilan Leibovich, who was Kik’s VP of product around the time of the ICO. Hellerstein has yet to respond to the SEC’s request.
The date of the next hearing is yet to be determined.
You can read the SEC’s letter below:
SEC Letter to Judge Hellerstein in Kik Case by CoinDesk on Scribd