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Justin Sun And TRON Foundation Caught In The Middle Of A $15 Million “Harassment” Law

  • Justin Sun, pioneer of TRON blockchain, is in hot soup as a lawsuit on “harassment” and “unfair dismissal” from former employees are uncovered.

  • The plaintiffs want $15 million USD in compensation and government interjection in ensuring labor laws are followed in the crypto industry.
He thrives in controversies and announcements is how one Twitter account described, Justin Sun, Tron Foundation CEO and TRON founder. The CEO is once again in the media spotlight facing a lawsuit for harassing and firing two employees, Richard Hall, 50, and Lukasz Juraszek, 28. The plaintiffs claim that Sun and the Tron Foundation management team ousted them for objecting to management practices and differences in development of the BitTorrent network.
In a filing submitted in California state courts in October, Lukasz claims to have witnessed Sun slapping a top level manager, Cong Li, with the CEO walking free from punishment for the act. Furthermore, Lukasz saw Mr. Li physically assaulting a lower level manager with no action having been taken till now. And this is where the trouble began for them.
The Foundation has been in the middle of a number of controversial sagas in the past. Ethical dilemmas on Tron and BitTorrent seem to be a “non-issue” for the CEO at Tron according to the lawsuit which claims Sun and Li both disregarded the legal ways to pursue the physical assault charges and steps to make the working environment more hospitable.
According to Lukasz, Sun and Li held him to extremely high standards after Li’s incident with the manager was reported to the Human Resource office. The technical staff were ordered to boot Lukasz from the company and his emails deleted from the work computer. The hack into Lukasz computer was extended to Hall, who was also exiled from the company and threatened to be fired by Li.
This represents just a tiny bit of Justin’s never-ending controversies that have eventually entered into Tron Foundation. During the purchase of the BitTorrent Network, a number of prior employees resigned from the company claiming Tron has overrun the system with their nodes. Furthermore, the genesis whitepaper of the TRON blockchain is heavily plagiarized which signaled the blockchain as a controversial project from the very start.
Sun and TRON are doing less to proof their critics wrong!!