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Is Ethereum DApp is better than the conventional Centralized Application?

Cool A decentralized application or in simple terms called DApps. These applications run on blockchain networks that usually leverage smart contracts. 

Usually, they work based on a peer-to-peer network model between the participants and provide incentives. 

As they are a truly decentralized application, they do not require a central authority to manage or process a transaction between the blockchain nodes. Decentralized applications are front-end applications that interact with blockchain over an API. 

Currently, we can build DApp on the Ethereum platform. Now let us know deeply about the Ethereum platform and how it is built on it. 

Ethereum Platform
  • Ethereum is just an implementation of blockchain that can run smart contracts. The Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) can run on arbitrary computation directly on the blockchain network. 
  •  Ethereum platform is powerful and flexible enough to incorporate into every business. Moreover, Ethereum moves faster than the other platforms including Bitcoin. 
  •  The Ethereum platform allows the application developer to specify exactly what transactions can be performed on a contract. In the Ethereum platform, the smart contracts are penned using solidity language.
  • To communicate with the front-end application, Ethereum uses JSON-RPC. Ethereum uses Web3 API, which is built using the JSON-RPC. 
Step to be followed in developing in Ethereum DApps.

☑️ Install truffle framework
☑️ Generate the boilerplate code 
☑️ Start the development environment
☑️ Compile the contracts
☑️ Deploy the contract on the Ethereum network
☑️ Run the Dapp to connect with Ethereum network
☑️ Modify the DApp code and store it in a local state.
☑️ Run Dapp with the set of a storage value of a smart contract which in turn is stored
      on the Ethereum blockchain

We have listed down all the usage and steps of ETHereum Dapps Development, but the Dapps are not yet mobile native. Most of the DApp is still available on the web, but few of them are available on mobile, so the great news is soon, we can see making big steps in this direction.

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