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Instructions for Mining Soothing Coin (STHCOIN) on Windows 10 (x64)

Instructions for Mining Soothing Coin (STHCOIN) on Windows 10 (x64)

: PLEASE BE AWARE, computer expertise will be needed when handling mining problems.

You may also download the PDF from ' sthcoin_mining_tutorial_en.pdf (198.4 KB) '

Having a good open Internet connection to Europe will help the wallet to synchronize. If your desktop doesn’t have one (e.g. behind a firewall), it is recommended that you run the wallet (a.k.a node) on a VPS (virtual private server) well connected to Europe.

Download STHCOIN wallet from 29 and install it with the default settings. Do not run it yet.

Download the configuration file sthcoin.conf from 40 and save it to

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Sthcoin
When saving the file, make sure to set the “Save as …” type to ., otherwise the system will automatically add .txt to the end of the file name.
C:\Users\<yourusername>\AppData is a hidden folder. To show it, you may follow the instructions at 5
(This step is optional, but can significantly reduce the synchronization time)
Download the zipped data file from 19 and unzip it to

C:\Users\<your username>\AppData\Roaming\Sthcoin

Run the wallet and wait for the synchronization to complete .

If Step 3 is NOT done, it will take multiple hours for the wallet to synchronize. Please use patience.
If Step 3 is done, it will usually take less than an hour for the wallet to synchronize.
The synchronization time varies dramatically depending on your network situation. See the note at the top.
If mining starts before the synchronization completes, the coins mined before the completion of synchronization will disappear.
Open the Start menu of Windows and then type “cmd” into the search box. Click Command Prompt that shows up to open a command line window.

Click the command line window, type the following command (as one single line) then press the Enter Key. When typing, replace “xxx” with the number of blocks you would like to mine.

"C:\Program Files\Sthcoin\daemon\sthcoin-cli.exe" -rpcclienttimeout=2000000000 generate xxx 2000000000

Every time a block is mined successfully, a hash value will be displayed in the command line window, such as [“0000addf16c5fbf022f947c8c180d4498816475227082a2c7e778f7b1 dedb43d”]
The more miners out there, the longer it takes to mine a block. If there are N miners, the average time to mine a block successfully is 2N minutes. Again, please use patience.
If you want to mine with more than one thread (if you know what that is), open more command line windows and run the above command in each window. (Note: Don’t overdo it or your computer will stop responding.)
After some time, the command run in Step 6 will end after a certain amount of mining. When that happens, simple do Step 6 again.
Enjoy mining!

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