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How torrents work - Explained

BTT has been interesting for a lot of people but bittorrent has been working without BTT for years. Here is an explanation of Bittorent -
The whole purpose of the torrent protocol is to get a file or files to as many people as possible in as efficient a way as possible.
The file in question is internally divided into smaller chunks called blocks. In order for you to get all of the file, you need to aquire all of the blocks, kind of like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.
The idea is there are many users in the "swarm" (the swarm is the set of all users).
Those users who already have all of the file are called "seeders", and their job is to send some of these blocks to users who don't have them. This is what seeding is, sending blocks to users who need them to complete the puzzle.
Those who don't yet have all of the blocks are called leechers, and they can actually do both things: They get blocks from people who have them already (leeching) and send the blocks they already have to people who don't (seeding). So leechers can also seed, they just can't seed ALL the blocks yet. Also, the can simultaneously get many blocks at once from many seeders.
There's also a 3rd component in play, the tracker. The tracker is a server that all users (aka peers) connect to, and its job is introducing peers to each other. If I need to get a block, the tracker will tell me where to find a seeder that has that block. 

There is a method used called " rarest piece first"

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