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How to find a worthy ICOs/Blockchain projects

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1-Team behind the project - Check the CEO and Co-founders Linkedin profiles, Their work experience can tell you a lot about the chance that the project will become successful.
2-Reddit - In the crypto world the community is one of the most important things, like it or not, Reddit is one of the biggest social media websites out there and it’s the core of the crypto
3-traders community. If people talk about the ICO there, it’s more likely that people will participate and invest in the ICO.
4-Telegram channel - Don't look at the quantity, but the quality of the telegram community. 
By the amount of talk you can understand if they bought fake telegram users to join their group of they really have a community who like to talk about the project.
5-Github - Even if you are not a technical person, the project Github page will help you to understand how serious the ICO is.
Medium/Blog - When I look at ICO I always check their medium blog. A good ICO will usually put some time and effort in creative marketing, and writing content that gives real value to the community.