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How to build a P2P Crypto Exchange like Localbitcoins

Generally, Escrow plays a vital role in Peer to Peer Exchanges. When we look at the looking of P2P Exchanges, The Exchange acts as the escrow account during the peer to peer transaction.

Localbitcoins is the pure instance for P2P Exchange, this exchange supports offline trading and added many user-friendly features to their platform

Localbitcoins Clone Script is available it is the market nowadays, this script is the ready package with all the basic features of LocalBitcoins exchange. Any business person can start an exchange just like localbitcoins with this script.

Most of the script available are customizable. if you are not satisfied with the list of features that have listed, visit LocalBitcoins website and some other sites, you will get an idea about trending features. once you catch up, tell the crypto exchange development company to customize the script with the features you want.