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How to Promote Your ICO On Twitter

Twitter is one of the leading micro-blogging platforms there in the world. With a limit of 280 characters per tweet, is the best medium for sharing quick posts and sound bytes. Many popular celebrities, companies, and other influential personalities regularly interact on Twitter. It also possesses tremendous analytical capability as advertisers gain access to huge volumes of data in the form of tweets, retweets, number of views, interactions, and likes. By not using the power of Twitter, you are missing a great chance to generate more sales and quality leads for your business.

[b]Understanding the Meaning of ICO Twitter Marketing[/b]

[b]ICO Twitter marketing[/b] involves the use of Twitter by tweeting technical analysis about the market, the prediction for the growth in coins, announcing the date of your ICO, spreading general news, promoting bounty campaigns, and sharing other details of your coin, to the thriving crypto community Targeted advertisements can be placed according to the demography of your audience. You can pay only when your ad reaches the end goal in the form of a product being ordered from your platform or when a user clicks your website. They also employ two-factor authentication as a security measure to protect your accounts from hacking and phishing just like crypto exchanges and wallets. They also ensure real-time delivery of content by ensuring the fast circulation of information.

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