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How to Launch an NFT Standard Protocol on Tron

"The TRON has generated its revenue more than 30% during trading in recent times. The new non-fungible token is introduced in the TRON blockchain. The NFT standard protocol on TRON in blockchain platform is transforming the entertainment and media industry by eliminating intermediaries between content creators and consumers. Instead of paying the streaming service to watch a movie directly, pay the production company and eliminate the third party interference to reduce the commission fee of users and increase the producers economy."
TRON has recently revealed its first NFT standard protocol, TRC-721, in December 2020. The building of NFT on TRON for TRC-721 token has opened vast opportunities for new blockchain applications present in the platform. The NFTs hold details such as token-holders ID, metadata, file links and other information recorded in its smart contract, and it's the main reason for non-exchangeability. TRON's use in NFTs is enormous compared to other big projects like DApps since it creates a big difference in economic value.
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