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How does the Binance to Huobi Arbitrage work?

Before we delve into the nuances of Binance to Huobi arbitrage, let’s just clear the fundamental grounds of what arbitrage is and how do they function, followed by the former concern. 

Defining Cryptocurrency arbitrage 
The concept of arbitrage already existed in bond, foreign, stock and exchange markets for years. But it has mostly been out of reach for many retail traders since there was a lack of qualitative system which could pick out the price differences, furthering the execution of trades cross-platform. So, Arbitrage is basically the simultaneous buying-selling of assets from various markets to help the buyer garner profit from the price differences between the concerned markets. 
To put in simpler terms, if a specific coin is available at a cheaper price on Exchange 1 than on exchange 2. So, if you end up buying that coin on exchange 1, you can always sell that coin in exchange 2 while pocketing the difference. 
In the crypto world, there are opportunities which arise in cases of trading volume and other factors that create surge between exchanges. Bigger exchanges having higher liquidity drives the price for the rest of the crypto market, while the smaller ones follow the price set. But that necessarily doesn’t mean that these smaller exchanges follow the price set immediately, which is exactly when a trader can find their window of opportunity. 
The process of Arbitrage 
The fundamental one being a trader manual monitoring the market to spot out the differences cross-market. But there are several tools or bots which can be used to make things easier. There are mobile applications as well which can simplify the process of market monitoring for you. 
Some effective strategies that you can also devise:
Buying-selling the same crypto coin immediately on different exchanges 
Triangular arbitrage is a process where you can take advantage of the price discrepancies between any three currencies, for instance, BTC is US dollar if sold in EUR and again exchanged back from EUR to US dollar. 
A convergence arbitrage entails the purchase of a coin from one exchange where it has been short-selling and undervalued while that same coin is being overvalued on a different exchange. When the two prices from their respective exchanges meet a converging point, then profit incurs for the trader. 
Binance to Huobi arbitrage 
While keeping track of these two exchanges, you can appoint live bots to quickly spot out the differences for opportunities. Try transferring in ETH which will offer you faster transaction speed, unlike BTC. Beware of the hedging strategies and learn how to make use of them. Keep a close track of their forums and new letters for price discrepancies as well. If there is a profitable percentage difference between these two exchanges then make the move. 
As of yet, the highest Bid Price for BTC from Huobi is 0.01733400 while the lowest asked price of the same in Binance is 0.01571900 BTC. 
You can buy 3.661 BSV at Binance for 0.1571900 BTC while selling it for 0.01733400 BTC in Huobi, garnering a profit of 0.005912515 BTC.