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How do you set up your own cryptocurrency exchange?

To set up your own cryptocurrency exchange, there are different ways to go about it. The first one is developing from scratch. This involves a series of procedures such as, 
  • Determining the operational location of the exchange and comply with the regulatory requirements based on the area. 
  • Obtaining a proper license for the exchange 
  • Carefully analyzing and choosing the right bank or payment processor to partner with. 
  • Gathering equipment, integration of technology, technical, and security features to make the exchange fully functional.
  • Integrating high volume liquidity for the exchange
  • Constant maintenance for the exchange, advancements, and customer support. 
Undergoing these steps involves a lot of time, money, and requires quality technical assistance. Also, the most important thing is, you need to be really careful with legal frameworks and integrating the best security practices to sustain and shine through the wide-spread competitors. 

In order to achieve them, also within reduced costs and time-frame, the best alternative solution will be to acquire white label cryptocurrency exchange software solutions. Whitelabel solutions are readily available with every essential requirement for the exchange to function smoothly and are highly scalable and customizable. To obtain the most reliable white label software, get in touch with a well-experienced company in the market like Infinite Block Tech that works with some of the highly qualified experts. 
I personally use exchange platform. Setting up my own cryptocurrency exchange platform is too complicated. I really like their service.