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How do you create your own Non Fungible Tokens?

Before getting into the topic, one needs to understand the meaning of the Non-fungible token. Non-fungible tokens, commonly called NFT, are encrypted in the digital ledger, called blockchain, to make the transaction a decentralized one. The decentralized platform makes the transaction more secure & hassle-free. The digital asset represents any form of items, such as audio clips, photos, or video clips, etc.

Build your non-fungible tokens:
  • Set your digital wallet: The first step for NFT creation is to develop a private digital wallet to ensure your trading more securely.

  • Ethereum: To cover the cost of the first NFT creation, the purchase of some ETH ( ethereum) is essential. There will be price fluctuation in the Ethereum cost from time to time.

  • Connect to a marketplace: finally, connect the wallet to a marketplace to list your unique tokens for trading in the decentralized platform.
Top marketplace to trade your tokens:
  • OpenSea

  • Rarible

  • Superfarm

  • Hoard.Exchange

  • FansForever