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Good technology, active community, not many commercial projects yet

With the release of the Shelley testnet, the technology of Cardano has started to see light. Cardano is known to have a supportive and active community of users and developers — it has a high level of GitHub commits, which indicates that the network sees lots of developer activity on a regular basis.
CryptoSlate previously reported that the Shelley testnet has ten times more staking pools than EOS and TRON, demonstrating interest in the network.
Yet, the price of ADA has not been affected by improvements in Cardano’s technology and the network’s roadmap, possibly due to the lack of commercial projects and applications using ADA.
Cardano could have better technology than Ethereum and other leading blockchain networks, but if commercial projects and decentralized applications (DApps) on top of the network fail to gain traction, it is unlikely to directly affect ADA.
It is the work of the Cardano Foundation to ensure commercial projects utilizing ADA see adequate growth and adoption. In the past year, as said by IOHK CEO Charles Hoskinson, the foundation has not been able to show enough progress in that regard.