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Glitch: Bitcoin reaches $30,000 on Coin Stats after surging by 400%

The lives of thousands of people were changed in a split second as the portfolio tracking website Coin Stats revealed that Bitcoin had surged by 418% overnight hitting a new all-time high of $30,000, what a time to be alive. That was until the fairly obvious glitch recognized by some sharp-eyed investors.

We’ve all been there, you wake up one morning, hit snooze for the 5th time, wake up again and check your portfolio, suddenly your stomach drops, that shitcoin you took a punt on 2 weeks ago is suddenly up by 5000% out of seemingly nowhere.

You come to learn that portfolio trackers, even the best ones, have a knack of messing up from time to time, although the first few times can catch you off guard there’s always one rule. Don’t trust, verify.